Foxes in Context [Current]

Ongoing research on the history, aesthetics, and politics of the furry fandom. And perhaps many other things as well. This work draws on archival materials, interviews, and my own experience in the fandom.

Ben Siler: Collected Shorts [2014]

A collection of remastered shorts by Memphis experimental filmmaker Ben Siler. The DVD is available in Memphis at Five In One, or get in touch and we can mail you a copy. ("Unique Memphis filmmaker gets an overdue retrospective" Memphis Flyer, 10/16/14)

Real Life / Research Lab [2013]
for Access Humboldt and ZeroDivide

A media literacy workshop for middle and high school students, incorporating community mapping and video documentary exercises. The RL/RL site showcases student results from three pilot sites, and provides a Creative Commons licensed curriculum.

Bound to Struggle Digital Archive [2012]

Online archive of simon strikeback's zine anthology Bound to Struggle: Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet, originally published from 2004-2011.

Art Environments of the Southwest [2010]
with Eileen Townsend

A January 2010 tour funded by SAIC's Roads Scholarship for Research and Travel. We visited 20+ art environments and many other roadside landmarks between the Mid-South and Los Angeles, meeting artists and documenting their work. I took photos, Eileen kept a journal, and now it's all available as an online travelogue.

S4TYR PL4Y [2006]
Director and Co-Writer, with Rukus

A performance piece exploring alternative sexuality and fandom support networks. S4TYR was adapted from furry artist Rukus's Anthrochat logs and my own interviews with a zoophile, and was staged by Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe. The production of this play is depicted in my upcoming documentary, Rukus.